Setting Up Umami as Your Google Analytics Alternative: A Step-by-Step Guide


Umami offers a user-friendly and privacy-focused alternative to the ubiquitous Google Analytics. As an open-source web analytics tool, it provides you with necessary insights about your website's traffic without compromising the privacy of your visitors. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up Umami for your blog using PlanetScale, GitHub, and Vercel.

Step 1: Create an Umami Database on PlanetScale

Before you start, you need to create an Umami database on PlanetScale (opens in a new tab). This will store your site's analytics data that Umami will collect.

The creation process may take a few moments. Upon completion, you will be able to see your new 'umami-db' listed on your PlanetScale dashboard.

Step 2: Fork the Umami Project on GitHub

Next, we will clone the Umami project to our own GitHub account.

The Umami project will now be copied into your GitHub account.

Step 3: Import Your Umami Project on Vercel

Vercel will be used to deploy our Umami analytics.

Vercel will automatically start deploying the project.

Step 4: Configure PlanetScale Integration to Vercel

We will now integrate the 'umami-db' database with our Umami project on Vercel.

This process will automatically fill in the 'DATABASE_URL' environment variable in your Vercel project.

Step 5: Redeploy Umami on Vercel

With the database connected, we now need to redeploy our Umami project on Vercel.

The deployment process will begin. After completion, you will be able to see the new deployment in your Vercel project dashboard.

Step 6: Configure Umami to Track Your Website

Finally, we will add our blog to Umami to start tracking.

Congratulations, you've successfully set up Umami for your blog! Now, your website's performance and visitor behavior can be monitored right from your Umami dashboard.

However, if you'd rather not host this service yourself, consider purchasing services from alternatives such as Plausible (opens in a new tab) or Fathom (opens in a new tab). These options offer excellent analytics capabilities without the need for self-hosting.

This whole process is surprisingly simple and only requires a few clicks of your mouse. Enjoy your newfound analytical power with Umami or its excellent alternatives!